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Now You'll Know Which Keanu Reeves You Are, Thanks to Instagram's Latest Viral Trend

The newest meme What __ Are You? is taking over Instagram as people match their names to funny images of dogs, frogs, and celebrities
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For those who can never find their names on souvenir keychains, the What __ Are You meme is the next best thing. During the past few days, this meme has been blowing up Instagram as various accounts with different subjects like What Staircase Are You are created every day. The meme features a name that is matched with an image that relates to the account's subject. From Which Keanu are You to What Frog are You, there are various accounts for every interest, animal, or celebrity.

The What __ Are You? meme places an emphasis on diversity as the majority of accounts feature non-English names in their posts. It's a breath of fresh air, and those who produce license plate keychains in tourist shops should take note. Some of these new accounts are even donating any profits earned to charitable causes. For instance, @whatdogyouare, which boasts 122,000 followers, will create your very own post in your honor if you donate to an animal rescue shelter via their website. Additionally, these What __ Are You meme accounts allow people across the world to connect with fellow llama or Jonas brother fanatics. These What __ Are You meme accounts are giving all of us the laughs we deserve right now, because 2020 has been a rough one.

Keep scrolling for the funniest accounts we've found so far, and don't forget to check out our guide to the year's funniest memes, here.

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