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Every Celebrity Joining TikTok While in Self-Quarantine

If social distancing already has you feeling like you've seen everything on the internet, take a look at these new celebs joining TikTok.
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As the days turn to weeks for those of us who are staying at home to flatten the curve of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 (which should be all of us who don't work in essential fields that require otherwise), it seems like everyone is constantly searching for new ways to pass the time. Perhaps you are looking for your new coronavirus quarantine nickname, concocting a new DIY mask to add to your self-care routine, or maybe you've joined the ever-growing TikTok community. If the latter, you're in some very famous company.

With every passing day, it seems like more of your favorite celebrities are on TikTok, having finally decided to give the much-buzzed-about app a try after getting stuck inside with nothing more urgent to do (stars, now they're really just like us!). So many celebrities have joined the platform that it's hard to keep track, so we're rounding them up here so you can figure out who to follow all in one place. Read on to see some of the best celebrities who are making TikToks during self-quarantine, and rest easy knowing you've found enough entertainment to last you another day or two.

Bella Hadid (@babybella777)

Bella Hadid took to her Instagram a few days ago to announce her TikTok account and ask her almost 30 million followers to join her in her adventures on the new platform. While it seems the supermodel has actually had a TikTok for a few months now, her posts have only recently become more consistent as she's been in isolation. However, Hadid did not join the app unprepared. Her recent videos include TikTok challenges and dances that were recorded months before social distancing went into effect, which means you can follow her to find covetable tropical scenes in addition to the expected quarantine content.

Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

With only three videos so far, Hailey Bieber may still be warming up to TikTok, and she has yet to publicize her account across her social media platforms. However, husband Justin Bieber has been sharing the couple's attempts at various TikTok dance challenges to Instagram, as has Megan Thee Stallion, who attracted even more fans to the account by reposting the Biebers' attempt at the dance to her song "Savage." 

Megan Thee Stallion (@theestallion)

Speaking of Megan Thee Stallion, the rapper and social media queen's presence on the wildly popular app extends far beyond her budding account, as she has her own TikTok dance challenge. Over the past few days, the "Savage" challenge has skyrocketed as thousands of users have posted themselves performing choreography to the beat of its namesake track, which was released earlier this year. Originally, the challenge was additional promotion for the single's release, but as TikTok users inevitably found more time on their hands at home, Megan's song went everywhere.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez (@arod13)

Posting exclusively to Alex Rodriguez's account (as Jennifer Lopez doesn't have an account that we know of yet), the couple went viral after posting their own "Flip the Switch" dance challenge, set to Drake's "Nonstop." Follow this celebrity couple on TikTok immediately if the thought of A.Rod dancing seductively in J.Lo's dress is as hilarious to you as it is to the rest of the world.

Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson)

Ashley Benson's TikTok is full of reenactments of classic scenes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians and lots of evidence of going stir crazy while quarantining with a squad of celebrity friends including Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber, and Margaret Qualley. While still being fairly new to the app, the actress surely isn't afraid to show a more candid side of herself on her account, resulting in all the more laughs.

Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross)

Known fairly well for her hilarious social media antics, it comes as no surprise that Tracee Ellis Ross has bought her creative efforts over to TikTok. By just being her quintessential silly self, Tracee brings a necessary dose of comedic relief to her account, making her one of the best celebrities to follow if you're stressed out from all the headlines.

Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale)

Ashley Tisdale's TikTok account may be filled with just as many TikTok challenges as the next user, but last week the early 2000s sensation posted a video of herself performing the unforgettable dance from High School Musical's "We're All In This Together," which resulted in a flurry of fans and old co-stars trying out the retro choreography for themselves. A bit of nostalgia is definitely a great way to spend your time on TikTok before you're inevitably inspired to marathon the movies on Disney+.

Tommy Dorfman (@tommy.dorfman)

Perhaps not all heroes wear capes, but Tommy Dorfman has gotten some too-cool-for-TikTok friends, like Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber, to star in many of their posts. In between filming funny skits with their quarantine crew, the actor and social media personality also has used their account to urge the importance of protecting others by social distancing.

Normani (@normani)

Normani may not yet have a bio on her TikTok account, or even more than two videos yet. However, the former Fifth Harmony singer already has over 350,000 followers, with her dedicated fans watching closely as they hope for more posts in the near future. However, despite the budding nature of her account, the star has earned her following thanks to her first TikTok challenge and an endearing dance-off with the help of a special guest.

Tinashe (@tinashe)

Tinashe is a TikTok natural, alternating impressive execution of the video app's popular dance challenges with some occasional cooking posts. She also often features her grandparents and other close friends, making her a great celebrity to follow if you want a little bit of all the best things TikTok has to offer.

Mariah Carey (@mariah.carey)

Mariah Carey has always been an over-the-top diva, and her TikTok account is a perfect extension of the Mariah we all know and love. The iconic musician proves she couldn't be normal if she tried while attempting to bring her famed vocals to everyday activities, like washing her hands and playing with her children. If you follow her on TikTok while in self-quarantine, you just might find yourself freaking out your pets as you sing around the house, but it's worth it. We promise.

Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski's TikTok account furthers the supermodel's ability to use any social media platform as a reminder that she has the most perfectly chiseled abs. Only now, you can see Emrata's abs while she hangs out with her husky and tries out all the TikTok dance challenges you've seen on your ordinary friends' pages.

Coco Arquette / Courteney Cox (@cocoarquette_)

While we may not be getting the much-anticipated Friends reunion as soon as we thought, we have at least something close to hold us over: Courteney Cox on TikTok. While she has only made appearances on daughter Coco Arquette's account rather than committing to her own, her frequent cameos are almost as satisfying. Perhaps she's just getting warmed up for a big reveal down the line? Only time will tell, but following 15-year-old Arquette on TikTok will bring plenty of exciting content to your feed for now.

Laurie Hernandez (@lauriehernandez_)

Gymnast Laurie Hernandez posts everything you would expect from a teen who just happens to be an Olympic medalist. If you follow her on TikTok, expect to see a healthy amount of videos exploring the app's various filters and dance challenges, as well as behind-the-scenes gymnastic practices.

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