The Five Best Beauty Stores in LA

Let LA's sunny glow carry over to your skin with this selection of clean beauty products and covetable aesthetics.
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Although Los Angeles traffic might be difficult to manage, beauty products are best to be tried in person. Brick-and-mortar beauty stores provide an intimate experience in exploring your preferences by trying things out in real time, unlike with online shopping. LA is the sunny destination of many dreams, plus the healthy and environmentally conscious scene means many of the city's best beauty stores have a range of perfect green beauty products to add to your collection.

Whether it is after an hour stuck in traffic or roaming the hot streets of Melrose Avenue, stopping by a beauty store in Los Angeles will be a haven. Under the scorching LA heat, all you'll need is a refreshing spray of Josh Rosebrook's hydrating accelerator or a few sprays of a clean-scented fragrance from Litoralle Aromatica to brighten your day. Learn about five of the best beauty stores in LA below—we recommend fully checking them out online for now, so you can get to planning a physical trip to your favorites in the near future.

Detox Market

A paradise of green beauty, Detox Market exclusively sells organic beauty products with cruelty-free formulas. Roman Gaillard started the company after his close friend, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, informed him of toxicity in self-care products. As a result, he prioritized beauty you can trust: 800+ brands are reviewed and 1000+ products are tested per year, but less than two percent make the cut. Some of this LA beauty store's bestselling products are a hydrating accelerator from Josh Rosebrook and the Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover from One Love Organics. To continue a greener beauty industry, the company plants a tree for each online order and product sold from its sustainability collection and detox mode, so you can improve your skin while saving the world. 

Detox Market is located at 10250 Santa Monica Blvd at Westfield Century City, at 8380 Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood, and at 231 Montana Ave in Santa Monica.

Violet Grey

This cosmetic flagship boutique on Melrose Place (not to be confused with the '90s TV drama) is one of a kind, literally. Violet Grey opened in 2014 in the previous office space of John Elgin Woolf, a famous architect of Hollywood homes. Designed after Coco Chanel's intimate conversation couch space, this LA beauty store's Parisian aesthetic is in line with its sophisticated products. A bestseller, The Ultimate At-Home Facial instantly provides a rejuvenating, tightening effect after reacting with carbon dioxide in the air. Its resulting smooth, bright appearance is a must-have to counteract the feeling of the LA heat and smog. 

Violet Grey is located at 8452 Melrose Place. 

Le Pink & Co.

If you're a beauty obsessee, Le Pink & Co.'s seemingly limitless supply of products will make it one of your favorite beauty stores in LA. The store has a gracious assortment of niche perfumes, green beauty, makeup, and skincare, so you'll find items that cater to your every need but still feel different from your average Sephora purchase. This beauty apothecary carries various products in a range of additional areas as well, including international brands, men's skincare, and infant clothing. But before leaving with hands full of beauty products, remember to try the facial treatment and waxing services also offered at the store. The Signature Facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, a facial massage, a lip treatment, and more for 75 minutes at $110, appointment needed. 

Le Pink & Co. is located at 2308 W. Sunset Blvd. 

Scent Bar

With two locations across LA, it's even easier to enjoy all that Scent Bar has to offer. The shop provides a comfortable, relaxing experience with wide selections of niche fragrance, bath and body products, and candles. A top product at the store is Divine Vanille, a spicy and subtle smoky scent from Essential Parfums. The bar-style interior allows for customers to sit on stools and sample products at their own pace, making it one of the best beauty stores in LA if you want a full fragrance experience. You can even take a free sample to test in the real world, so this is definitely a beauty store to visit whenever you next can, even if you're not ready to commit to a full bottle. In the meantime, get a taste of the LA beauty store's selection by visiting its website.

Scent Bar is located at 7405 Beverly Blvd in Hollywood and at 777 S. Alameda St. in Downtown LA. 

Orris Perfumery

This niche fragrance store features modern, handcrafted fragrance from brands founded or currently based in California, making it one of the best beauty stores for an LA local experience. Orris Perfumery only showcases labels that commit to clean beauty standards and practice, so you'll feel in good hands as you browse cruelty-free products that eliminate dangerous chemicals like mercury. A staff favorite product, the Isla Rosa fragrance by Litoralle Aromatica is reminiscent of the beach of Positano. Customize a perfume when you visit, or book a fragrance-making workshop to layer yourself with the perfect scent. 

Orris Perfumery is located at 7970 1/2 Melrose Avenue. 

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