L'Officiel Lab: The Best Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Products to Pack on Your Spring Getaway

As effective as they are chic, these sunscreens are essential for your next vacation or every day.
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Sunscreen is an absolute skincare staple that should be a part of any skincare routine all year long. Unfortunately, some of us may not direct our focus on daily use until the warmer temperatures of spring and summer (and the sunny activities that come with them) draw nearer. (Hint: wear your broad spectrum sunscreen every day!!) The good news is that sunscreen has changed immensely over the last few decades, and with that, so have our options. What was once a product you picked up on perhaps a mundane pharmacy run is now available in lotion, gel, cream, stick, and spray form, including from many of the skincare brands you love already (think Tatcha, Glossier, and Supergoop). You can get your SPF in 2-in-1 moisturizers, in tinted creams, and even in eyeshadows, so there's really no excuse anymore when it comes to working broad spectrum sunscreen into your routine.

While perhaps the endless options can be overwhelming, dermatology experts generally agree that the best type of sunscreen to wear is a product with a minimum of SPF 30, and offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays (make sure it's explicitly labeled as broad spectrum sunscreen, which is the indicator for this level of protection). Still can't decide what sunscreen is right for you? That's understandable, as the process can be as personal as finding your favorite fragrance. To help you figure out what to try first, read on for our guide to some of the best broad spectrum sunscreens on the market today. Holding major protection against harmful rays while working in the best of what top skincare brands have to offer, many of these products have earned a holy-grail status from beauty experts and loyal fans alike.

If you're a lover of great multitasking skincare products, this Tatcha broad spectrum sunscreen is probably for you. With anti-aging benefits, a matte finish, and pore-minimizing effects, we have to ask: What can't this super product do? 

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35, $65, Tatcha 

Paula's Choice products have an undoubted cult-like following among the skincare community, and the label's sunscreen offerings are no different. Each option offers diverse benefits and added skincare treatments to meet any other personal needs you're looking to focus on in 2020. Try the Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid, as it focuses on deep moisturization with its water-light texture and offers an impressive amount of antioxidants to offer anti-aging benefits as well. 


Paula’s Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50, $33, Paula's Choice

Glossier products have often been referred to as "gateway skincare" and rightfully so. Their no-fuss, attractive packaging, approachable price points, and formulas that just work keep us coming back for more. Their customer-favorite broad spectrum sunscreen often sells out quicker than the company can keep it in stock. The key? The ultra-lightweight formula truly goes on clear and boasts a fresh, but not overbearing citrus scent. Glossier dubs the product "sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen," so this is the perfect way to get yourself into the habit. 

Glossier Invisible Shield, $25, Glossier

Supergoop is dominating the sunscreen category, as it is one of the only modern beauty brands to focus solely on sun-safe products. With their impressive dedication to broad spectrum sunscreen, it is no wonder they make some of the most coveted protective products in the beauty industry. While their offerings are many, we're really excited about the Getaway & Glow Set, which includes a body oil spray in addition to a sunscreen stick to apply on the face and shoulders. Both offer broad spectrum SPF 50 benefits, use reef-safe ingredients, and are considered super water-resistant, meaning they protect your skin for up to 80 minutes in water as opposed to the standard 40 minutes. To boot, they give you the glowing skin you might get from regular body oils and highlighters while also keeping you protected in a single step. Needless to say, this set is the complete package for any beach day. 

Supergoop The Getaway & Glow Set, $59, Supergoop

Looking to add some luxury to your daily broad spectrum sunscreen? Look no further than Murad's Invisiblur. The silky, pore-perfecting formula melts into your skin to leave a truly transparent finish and works as an equally efficient makeup primer.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $65, Murad 

This Dr.Jart sunscreen cleverly summarizes itself all in the name: Every Sun Day. It is a simple broad spectrum sunscreen that does everything you need it to and doesn't complicate the process of sun protection. With a minimal "sunscreen smell" and ultra-thin texture, this is a perfect no-nonsense sunscreen option.

Dr.Jart+ Every Sun Day SPF 30 UV Sun Fluid, $34, Birchbox

Going on a hike, or planning a pool day? This broad spectrum sunscreen powerhouse in the form of Shiseido's face cream provides immense protection while still boasting a non-greasy finish. Offering a water-resistant, SPF 50 formula, this is the perfect sunscreen for heavy-duty sun exposure days. 

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Cream SPF 50+ Sunscreen, $40, Shiseido

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